Each session of the curriculum builds on the previous week’s learnings and experiences.  Between classes, participants read articles and review our case study to prepare for the next topic. 
Topic   Description
Session 1:
Fundamentals of Nonprofit Board Governance
  This overview describes the inter-related components of nonprofit governance including executive supervision, strategic planning, board development, board and executive director roles and responsibilities, revenue generation and more.
Session 2:
Legal and Fiscal Stewardship of Nonprofit Organizations
  This session examines the board’s role in overseeing the financial and legal activities of nonprofits, including the basic financial budgeting and reporting principles of nonprofits as well as the director’s role as a legal steward of the nonprofit.
Session 3:
Strategic Revenue Generation
  The final session looks at a variety of ways nonprofits can raise funds, some of the common benefits and risks associated with each method and focuses on the best method of all - Participants then apply their story telling skills to make a pitch to a prospective donor.
Session 4:
Leading with Presence
  During this session, TLC participants learn the powerful yet underutilized skill of storytelling to help leaders better lead by effectively transitioning a conversation with a well-told story to a “destination” and goal of their choice.