Lowell Transitional Living Center

Michael Szabados, COO of NetScout impacts The Lowell Transitional Living Center after just 3 months of serving on their board...More
In the fall of 2011, NetScout’s COO, Michael Szabados signed up to participate in The Leadership Connection’s four-week program for board training.  After completing the program, Michael met with several nonprofit organizations in Lowell to find a good fit.  In March 2012, he and Dave McCloskey, Executive Director of the Lowell Transitional Living Center (LTLC) came to an agreement, and Michael joined their board of trustees.
It was a busy time for LTLC; they were planning their first fundraising walk in downtown Lowell in June 10, 2012.  Michael suggested that they needed corporate sponsorship to bring in a substantial amount of funding.  Then he got on the phone and called people he knew in other corporations.  The result was that with Michael’s network of corporate contacts, LTLC brought in $24,000 in corporate sponsorship from NetScout, Dell, and Cisco.  In addition, he brought along 16 other NetScout employees and their families to participate in the walk.  The LTLC original goal for the walk was between $25,000-30,000; their revenue with Michael’s help was in the $38,000 – 40,000 range.  Based on their success in 2012, LTLC is already planning for next year's walk (June 9, 2013)
Michael continues to work on the LTLC board, learning more about government funding, while contributing to the work of finance and other committees.
Dave McCloskey, LTLC Executive Director, says, “Michael brings a skill set we didn't have – we needed strategic planning for a potential merger, he has already done this before and knows it well.  We’ve never really had someone like him on our board; [he] asks really good questions [that] no one has ever voiced before.  He is very effective – he has asked for analyses that produces really good data, and asks for reviews of things that have been static for a while, such as our insurance package.”
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